About ‘Outbreak’

The “Zombie Apocalypse” already happened, a century ago. That’s the premise of my novel, Outbreak 1917: an account by Dr James Lawrence, Assistant-Surgeon in the Royal Army Medical Corps, detailing his experiences in the Arras region of France in the spring of 1917.

Whether what he witnessed was an early attempt at biological warfare that went terribly wrong or simply a disease that arose in the foul conditions of the trenches remains unknown, but the outbreak turned countless soldiers and civilians alike into mindless ghouls.

What we think of today as the Étaples mutiny was no such thing: those responsible for the violence weren’t mutineers – and were barely human. Only the most ruthless suppression of the ‘mutiny’ prevented the infection from spreading around the globe.

In a time of all-out war, even the most shameful secrets can be kept, with “national security” cited as the only justification necessary. The monsters remained simply the stuff of fiction until 2015, when Dr Lawrence’s memoir was found in the ruins of the old Stafford County Asylum where he had been held.

Outbreak 1917 is available through Amazon as a print book, an e-book or to read for free with Kindle Unlimited… here.